Friday, 4 October 2013

Don’t Wear Belt Tight Otherwise Throat Cancer

We at health & beauty blog providing you a new research about throat cancer which can be caused by your fashion accessory that you every day use with your pants, jeans and other dress materials ‘belt’

There are always new studies done on health programs and diseases. New solutions are suggested by years of researches and studies provided you can live healthy and no disease could touch you but perhaps it is not so possible. As new solutions are brought to better your life, in the same number new diseases come and erupt every time.

In recent time a new study comes on surface and it is about your fashion accessory ‘Belt’ that you round on your waist. It is researched that ‘wearing a tight belt could increase the chances of throat cancer’. It means it increases chances of suffering acid reflux. In this new study it is stated that if you wear your belt too tight squeezing your waist that forces acid into the oesophagus. So those people, who are overweight and wear belts, could be at the chances of risk.

It is not only with overweight people, even this can happen with healthy people too who wear the belt tight. It can cause a partial hiatus hernia which can make acid reflux. It can happen when stomach squeezes into the chest through an opening in the diaphragm that can result into acid leak into the oesophagus. This kind of condition can link to the oesophageal cancer and it is the one of them most increasing form of cancers. So next time when you wear belt, wear it comfortably and balance your weight.

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