Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Health & Beauty with Two Special Juice Recipes

Every time there is a new survey comes related to health that how you can better be at it provided no disease could touch you. In today’s time where various new diseases are surfacing, it becomes necessary for us to protect ourselves rather than getting into them.

We all know that we should daily exercise and eat healthy nutritious food that helps our body to keep disease away. This includes vegetables, fruits and others. A healthy diet should contain everything in it like protein, vitamin, carbohydrates, minerals and other nutritional ingredients.

Fruits also play an important part in keeping us healthy. They provide essential amount of nutrition. Some people do not like to eat fruits instead they prefer juices of them. It is considered better that rather than eating fruits, their juices should be drunk and it is good that you do not have to peel off the some fruits. So for your better health we are going to tell you some fruits drinks’ recipes that provide you essential nutrients as well as help to eliminate toxins from your body. They are also beneficial for your weight loss, acidity problems and for strengthening your immune system. So by drinking juices of various types maintain your health and beauty.


Fat Burner Juice


·          10 mint leaves

·          150 grams pineapple

·          1 lime100 grams bottle gourd(Dudhi)

Nutrients Present:

·          Vitamin B6

·          Carotenes

·          Magnesium

·          Thiamin

·          Vitamin B12

·          Iron

·          Vitamin C

·          Zinc

·          Copper

·          Betaine

·          Dietary Fiber

Health Benefits:

·          Treatment of acidity

·          Promotes weight loss

·          Stopping smoking habits

·          Maintains healthy skin

·          Reduces cough

·          Eliminating toxins from the body


·          First of all take a fresh pineapple. After peeling off its skin, cut the pineapple into small pieces leaving the core.

·          Then take the first bottle gourd and also peel its skin and cut into the small pieces.

·          Put the both the cut pieces into a grinder adding 2 cubes of ice with 10 leaves of mint squeezing 1 full lime juice.

·          Then blend them together for 1 to 3 minutes. After fully grinding them, sieve the juice and then drink it.

2. Fiber Sip (Mocktail Juice)


·          8 to 10 pieces of strawberries

·          1 orange (only fiber)

·          1 full kiwi

Nutrients Present:

·          Vitamin A

·          Manganese

·          Vitamin C

·          Iron

·          Zinc

·          Vitamin B1

·          Potassium

·          Vitamin E

Health Benefits:

·          Maintains healthy skin

·          It is an antioxidant

·          Strengthens immune system

·          Promotes weight loss

·          Prevents kidney stones


·          First of all chop kiwi, oranges and strawberries with only fiber.

·          Then after chopping all three, put the them into the blender

Put two cubes of ice and then blend for 3 to 4 minutes and at the end serve the drink chilled.

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